Friday, April 18, 2008

Reruns of council and planning commission being delayed a day to list following shows correctly causes new problem

If you haven't noticed, the government channel isn't playing by its formerly frustrating rules and the result is more frustrating.
To fix the problem of inexact times being listed for shows following reruns of council or other live-broadcast meetings, they are holding the reruns until they can be timed and set up, creating a 24-hour wait to see previous-day's meetings.
This creates a worse problem!
Allegedly, they'll put the updated schedule online, but the city Web site isn't dependable or navigable for much of anything and the promised meetings are not getting online for quick replay so I'll try to get the updated schedule when I have time and post at as quickly as I get the information.
People were accustomed to seeing planning and council at 9 the day after the meetings. Lose those viewers and show reruns of reruns of informational meetings. Not the main purpose of gov channel.

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