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Telecom board's annual report for 2009

Fayetteville Telecommunications Board
Annual Report for 2009
Prepared by Chairman Aubrey Shepherd
June 28 , 2009

Scope and Purpose
This summary report by the Fayetteville Telecommunications Board has been prepared in accordance with the City of Fayetteville Code of Ordinances and as requested for use in the City’s RFP process for the community access channel contract for 2010. (See Director's Telecommunications Board letter, June 16, 2010)

Highlights of Telecommunications Board Activities in 2009.
The Telecommunications Board underwent a rapid transitional phase in the first months of 2009, along with other Fayetteville City Government activities. Improved communication is a key component of the Fayetteville Forward initiative that was launched by newly elected  Mayor Lioneld Jordan and his Chief of Staff, Don Marr. In addition, Sarah Lewis and Matthew Petty were elected to the City Council and the CityAdministrative structure was reorganized and  the Telecommunications Board elected Aubrey Shepherd as chairman, replacing Richard Drake. Board members and attendance for 2009 are listed in Attachment 2. Key support staff at the PEG Center also required replacement.
During the January-June 2009 period, the Board:
·       Initiated comprehensive strategic planning through a communitywide Telecommunications Forum in February, and a Brainstorming Session in May. (See summary documents: Telecom Forum.)
·       Welcomed Mr. Fritz Gisler to serve as manager of the Fayetteville Television Center
·       Welcomed Mrs. Lindsley Smith as Communication Director for the City of Fayetteville
·       Resumed preparation for negotiation of the Cox Cable franchise agreement
·       Announced AT&T roll out of U-Verse service for selected areas of the city, and carrying the PEG channels globally on the Internet
·       Proposed that Cox Cable and AT&T provide an additional education channel that would provide separate channels for the University of Arkansas and for the Fayetteville School District
·       Recognized Board Members Graves and Sales for completing their terms on the Board.

During July- December 2009: the Board:
    Welcomed new board members Russell, Tennant, and Bosseau
·       Resumed the Policy Subcommittee revisions of the FGC Policy in accordance with recommendations from the 2009 Forum and Brainstorming sessions. (See FGC Policy, Attachment 5)
·       Reviewed and approved the CAT Contract for 2010 as drafted by City Staff and presented to the City Council
·       Recommended a Needs and Interest Study to be approved by the City Council  to serve as a basis for negotiating with Cox Cable, AT&T and other telecommunication services.
·       Reconstituted the Internet Policy Subcommittee, chaired by Board Member Tennant.

Highlights of First Quarter 2010 
Board Activities from January to June  2010 included:
·       Conducted a Special Board meeting to review the CAT contract and CAT Board activities
·       Completion of FGC Policy revisions for review by the board and city staff.
·       Design and planning of a Telecommunications Board Communitywide Brainstorming Session

Considerations for the Future
The board’s goals for 2009 and 2010 have been established as shown in Attachment 6 and as proposed in the ongoing Brainstorming and Special Board Analysis Sessions.
The board continues to assign high priority to clarification and strengthening of the overall  organizational structure and the respective roles and relationships among and between the  Telecommunications Board, the PEG Channels, City Administration, and the City Council. Rapidly changing technology, related U.S. law and regulations, and Fayetteville’s expanding telecommunication infrastructure remain a strong challenge in meeting Fayetteville’s goals for  strong and transparent city government, with dynamic participation by our total community and region.

References and Sources of Report Data
 The summary report reflects the highlights of Board activities in 2009 as found in the Board’s monthly meeting minutes and other documents available on the Board’s Forum on the Access Fayetteville Web site (www.accessfayetteville.org). No quarterly evaluations were prepared, beyond those available in the quarterly reports of each of the PEG channels, which also are listed in the monthly meeting minutes on the board’s forum. No previous board reports were immediately available for reference regarding the City’s RFP process for CAT, or for use as templates for this annual report and the quarterly evaluations.

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December 2003 Telecom Board minutes include discussion of many of the same subjects discussed in recent Telecom meetings

Telecommunications Board Meeting Minutes
December 17, 2003
Room 219 City Administration Building

Call to Order and Roll Call. The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:35 p.m. Board members present were Susan Cromwell, Craig Brown, Steve Smith, John Lofton and Gary Cochran.  Cox Communications Director Of Public And Government Affairs James Anderson, City of Fayetteville Chief Administrative Officer Hugh Earnest, Cable Administrator Marvin Hilton and CAT Manager Sky Blaylock were also present.

Approval of the minutes from November 19, 2003.  Brown noted a word correction in the minutes and they were approved.

Adoption Of Agenda.  Approved as submitted.

Cox Update
Telephone Survey.
Anderson reported that criteria have not been determined for the questions on the Customer Satisfaction Telephone Survey but expected they would be during the first quarter in 2004.  He added that Cox is still looking at whether a survey is needed. 

Cromwell said it is.

Smith volunteered to work on TCB questions and asked Anderson for Cox’ questions to avoid  duplication.

Cochran asked the purpose of the survey and Cromwell said it is to determine if Cox is serving the community’s interest and if the City’s relationship with Cox is one we want to be ongoing.

Cochran asked if Cox has copies of past surveys and Anderson said he does not.

Rate Changes.
Anderson explained “MPR’” as “maximum permitted rate” and “OSR” as “operator selected rate” for Limited Basic Service.  He said the current MPR is $18.18 and OSR is $15.85.  In February  2004 the MPR will be $15.73 and the OSR will be $15.25 but ESPN 2 will be moved to Expanded Basic Service.  The reduced cost to Cox will be passed down to the customer.  When asked, Anderson said the cost of Expanded Basic will be released at a later date and customers will be notified by direct mail.

Cromwell then asked Anderson to explain the business issues and concerns of Cox.

Anderson spoke of Cox being like a local store that buys product at a wholesale rate and sells it at a retail rate, adding that they have limited shelf space and as wholesale prices increase the price of their product must also.

Smith asked if the upgrade is complete in Fayetteville to which Anderson said it was but now Cox is removing the old system.

When asked by Smith about complaints of poor reception, Anderson said Cox should be notified.

 Smith noted a weak signal for FGC and CAT to which Hilton said the line from City Hall to the PEG Center is still coaxial cable, not fiber and that may be permitting the interference.

 Anderson said coaxial cable is  broadband cable, is still used and if not a bad piece of cable can still perform.  He added that it was possibly the production equipment at the PEG Center and that Cox would look into the problem.

Smith then asked about a customer’s complaint of having to subscribe to all the audio channels in order to get a certain level of service and Anderson said he would find out.

Smith next asked Anderson if someone can subscribe to Cox internet service without subscribing to their cable service to which Anderson said it was a business decision that internet subscribers must also subscribe to at least limited basic cable service.

CAT Contract
Cromwell said Marvin Hilton, Sky Blaylock and George Weiss had cleaned up the existing contract.  Along with the fact that CAT has performed and delivered the reports they agreed to, she entertained a motion that the TCB recommend to the City Administration to renew the contract with CAT.

Brown made said motion and with a second by Lofton it passed.

Update On Cox Audit By City.

Hugh Earnest addressed the board apologizing for a miscommunication between Cox and the City Auditor which has now been resolved.  He added that the audit will be completed in January and submitted to the TCB for review and comment.

Cromwell asked the purpose of the audit given the confusion at November’s meeting and Earnest said it was to test the billing process to discover if the City is receiving the revenues it is due.

Smith said that with the increase in franchise fees to the City he thought the PEG channels should
receive more funds.

Earnest responded that a budget request to the City Council may be in order based on plans for a regional television system.

Cromwell mentioned that the TCB had “missed the boat” on the budgeting process this year and doesn’t want that to happen again.

Earnest suggested a workshop to explain the budgeting process.

Technology And Telecommunications Infrastructure Task Force
Cromwell said Councilman Don Marr has agreed to sponsor a resolution at the January 20, 2004 City Council to charge the task force.

Smith asked how task force members will be selected.

Earnest said that had not yet been decided and asked for suggestions.

Subcommittee Reports. 
                Education Channel Contract.  Consisting of Cromwell and Young.  There was no report   as David Young was not present.

                Website Policy.  Consisting of Brown, Smith and Cromwell.
                Not yet ready for discussion.

                Government Channel Policy.  Consisting of Lofton working with Hilton.
                Lofton read the nine policy changes previously distributed to the TCB.
                “1. Add a reference to the enabling legislation.
                 2. Add to the mission statement.
                 3. Add appeal to TCB to remove a program or meeting from a standing agreement to have                         it televised on a regular basis.  This applies to meetings that were requested by an                                  authorized requester who has since left the position that gave the authority to                                           request.
                 4. Add any three citizens and committee chair to the categories of authorized requesters                                            for televising meetings.
                 5. Clarify the term ‘other government units.’
                 6. Add any five citizens to the categories of authorized requesters for issue forums.
                 7. Add note about how citizens can access videos at the PEG Center.
                 8. Add a note about web casting.
                 9. Add a note about performance reporting.”

Smith moved to adopt the new government channel policy and with a second from Brown it passed.

Citizen Jim Bemis phoned in at this point with concerns regarding two issues he said he would address in depth when he attends the next meeting. The issues were;
                A problem he sees with differing cable casting policies
                How the TCB deals with complaints brought to its attention

Report from the Cable Administrator, Marvin Hilton.
Hilton said the TCB Roundtable discussion, set for January 30 at noon, has room for one more participant as eight seats have been filled.  He added that NBC anchorman Don Elkins has agreed to be moderator.  He also asked that the TCB vote to have this roundtable as Jim Bemis pointed out that if the TCB does not request it then it is the Cable Administrator’s roundtable.

Smith so moved and the second was not identified.  It passed.

Hilton then inquired about the need for “a central point of reception” as he is not sure where all the documents regarding the TCB reside.

Cromwell said she thought they could all be found on the list-serve and Smith suggested they all be downloaded to a CD-ROM.

Lastly, Hilton reported problems cable casting live from the Fayetteville School Board and Washington County Courthouse.  He added that he’d talked with James Anderson and was told it would be looked into.

Additional Board Members Comments.  Smith announced that between now and the next budgeting process he plans to speak out for a dedicated percentage of the franchise fee for the access channels and that he is only speaking for himself and not the TCB.

The next meeting will be Thursday, January 8, 2004 in City Hall room 326 at 5:30 p.m. and will  focus on the Infrastructure Task Force.

Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:05 p.m.

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Tentative agenda for July 6, 2010, city council meeting to be discussed and made final at June 29, 2010

Mayor Lioneld Jordan

City Attorney Kit Williams

City Clerk Sondra Smith
Ward 1 Position 1 – Adella Gray
Ward 1 Position 2 – Brenda Thiel
Ward 2 Position 1 – Kyle B. Cook
Ward 2 Position 2 – Matthew Petty
Ward 3 Position 1 – Robert K. Rhoads
Ward 3 Position 2 – Robert Ferrell
Ward 4 Position 1 – Shirley Lucas
Ward 4 Position 2 – Sarah Lewis

 Tentative Agenda
City of Fayetteville Arkansas
City Council Meeting
July 6, 2010 

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council will be held on July 6, 2010 in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda Session Presentations:

1.Sales Tax Discussion - Don Marr

Mayor’s Announcements, Proclamations and Recognitions:

Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items:

Agenda Additions:


1.Approval of the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting minutes.

2.Woolsey Aviation, Inc. D/B/A Million Air of Fayetteville:  A resolution authorizing and approving an airport use and lease agreement for fixed base operations with Woolsey Aviation, Inc. D/B/A Million Air of Fayetteville in the amount of $29,560.20.

3.Ball Plaza Holdings, LLC:  A resolution approving a lease with Ball Plaza Holdings, LLC to rent space in the E.J. Ball Building to house the City of Fayetteville Information Technology Division’s server room for the annual amount of $18,504.00.

4.Street Name Change:  A resolution renaming a section of N. Shiloh Drive to N. Farm Credit Drive due to street realignment.

5.Sweetser Construction, Inc.:  A resolution awarding bid and approving a contract with Sweetser Construction, Inc. in the amount of $285,811.00 for the construction of repairs to the Lake Wilson spillway, and approving a 15% project contingency.

6.Garver, LLC Amendment No. 1:  A resolution approving contract Amendment No. 1 with Garver, LLC in the amount of $79,400.00 for construction phase services related to Lake Wilson Spillway Improvements.

7.Ground Zero Construction, Inc.:  A resolution awarding bid and approving a contract with Ground Zero Construction, Inc. in the amount of $64,750.00 for construction of Hamestring Creek Tributary restoration through the Red Oak Park Supplemental Drainage Improvements Project, and approving a 15% project contingency.

8.Amend Police Department Policies:  A resolution approving amendments to Fayetteville Police Department Policies 33.1 Training; 41.2.7 Department Response to Mentally Ill Subjects; and 44.2.4 School Resource Officers.

B.Unfinished Business:

1.RZN 10-3566 (932 Garland):  An ordinance rezoning that property described in rezoning petition RZN 10-3566, for approximately 0.84 acres, located at 932 Garland Avenue from R-PZD, Residential Planned Zoning District 06-2256 (932 Garland), to R-O, Residential Office and RMF-40, Residential Multi-family, 40 units per acre.  This ordinance was left on the Second Reading at the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting.

2.ADM 09-3273 (Business Registry and License Program):  An ordinance to amend the Fayetteville code by enacting a chapter to create a business registry and to require annual business licenses for all businesses and non-profits with locations within Fayetteville.  This ordinance was left on the Second Reading at the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting.

3.Amend Chapter 97 Parks and Recreation:  An ordinance to amend Chapter 97 Parks and Recreation of the Code of Fayetteville to permit and regulate signs recognizing donor contributions.  This ordinance was left on the Second Reading at the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting.

4.Johnson Enhanced Water Service Contract:  A resolution to approve a 15 year contract for enhanced water service between Fayetteville and Johnson.  This resolution was tabled at the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting to the July 6, 2010 City Council meeting.

5.Johnson Sanitary Sewer Service Contract:  A resolution to approve a 15 year contract for sanitary sewer service between Fayetteville and Johnson.  This resolution was tabled at the June 15, 2010 City Council meeting to the July 6, 2010 City Council meeting.

C.Public Hearing:

1.Raze and Removal 890 S. Washington Ave.:  A resolution ordering the razing and removal of a dilapidated and unsafe structure owned by Ronald and Betty Ramirez located at 890 S. Washington Avenue in the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas and approving a budget adjustment of $4,149.00.

D.New Business:

1.City of Johnson Agreement:  A resolution to approve an agreement with the City of Johnson concerning payment of $35,000.00 to Johnson, Johnson conveying .77 acres to Fayetteville, the cities mutual assistance in obtaining right-of-way for the Van Asche extension, budget adjustment of $35,000.00 and other purposes.

2.Amend Chapter 33: Departments, Boards, Commissions, and Authorities:  An ordinance to amend Chapter 33 Department, Boards, Commissions and Authorities by enacting Title XXI, Fayetteville Arts Council into the Fayetteville Code.

3.Amend Chapters 169: Physical Alteration of Land and Chapter 170: Stormwater Management, Drainage and Erosion Control:  An ordinance amending Chapter 169: Physical Alteration of Land and Chapter 170: Stormwater Management, Drainage and Erosion Control of Title XV of the Code of Fayetteville (Unified Development Code), to clarify stabilization requirements, require phased construction for sites larger than 20 acres, clarify re-vegetation requirements, clarify requirements for cut and fill slopes and retaining walls, define maintenance responsibility for stormwater management systems, restrict location of dirt and topsoil storage and define stabilization practices for dirt and topsoil storage, define a qualified inspector for erosion and sediment control best management practices, and require site plans for one and two family residences to contain a plan for erosion and sediment control and final on-site drainage.

4.Amend Chapter 171: Streets and Sidewalks:  An ordinance amending the Unified Development Code Chapter 171: Streets and Sidewalks to amend and clarify sidewalk and driveway approach construction standards.

5.Amend Chapter 177: Landscape Regulations:  An ordinance amending Title XV: Unified Development Code of the City of Fayetteville, to amend Chapter 177: Landscape Regulations in order to modify existing requirements and regulations that address perimeter landscaping for development.

6.Ozark Transit Authority Interlocal Agreement:  An ordinance approving an amendment to the Interlocal Agreement providing for participation of the City of Fayetteville in the Ozark Transit Authority.



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Draft minutes of June 17, 2010, meeting of the Fayetteville Telecommunication Board

Telecommunication Board Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2010
Chairman Aubrey Shepherd called the meeting to order. Present were Marvin Hilton, Aubrey Shepherd, and Justin Tennant. Not present were Russell, Bosseau, Leder and Cusanelli. There was no quorum.
Also present were Fritz Gisler, the Government Channel Manager; CAT Board member Roger Henry and citizen, Jim Bemis.
Hilton requested improvement.
Government Channel Manager, Fritz Gisler reported on his satisfaction with the new Telecast  system. Shepherd expressed his satisfaction and brought up that the Government Channel is now streaming on www.accessfayettville .org
Gisler reported that new video editing equipment for the entire center has been received.
CAT Board member, Roger Henry, reported that the Board elected a new Executive Director, Anne Shelley, and that she will be coming on full time the first or second week of July. Henry also reported that the CAT operations are running under budget at the time because of paying less in salaries.
Shepherd asked if it should or should not be discussed with out a quorum. Hilton mentioned the three points of discussion listed in the agenda. Shepherd read the first one and talked about it having been a concern for 2 years and that a petition about it had circulated and been turned in to the Telecom Board where it was still taken out of the policy. He further stated that it went on to City Council as if supported by the Board and approved there. Shepherd said it needs to be discussed.
Shepherd read the second concern and he and Hilton expressed their opinions that meeting coverage needs to be clearly established to help eliminate non-coverage because of excuses given by participants of such meetings.
Shepherd read the third concern and stressed the importance of not editing anything out of meetings.
Hilton asked if Shepherd thought these three concerns are accurately worded in the policy as now written. Shepherd said probably.
Tennant said his goal is to have a meeting in August. He is still waiting for results from the Broad Band Stimulus grant application. He said he will request the meeting be recorded and he will request a report from the City on the amount of dollars and then discuss ways to go forth with recommendations on spending that money.-
Hilton reported that the name has been changed to Analysis of Access Telecasting and that he believes there will need to be more than one session He mentioned the included plans and spoke of a process to acquaint the public with the process of production which will reveal new ways to do things with more efficiency, more effectiveness, more participation and more transparency. Hilton stated it would be very worthwhile.
Shepherd complimented the stations for being more reliable.
Tennant complimented Community Access Television for getting a new executive director so quickly and sent out an invitation for her to come to the next meeting.
Roger Henry invited the Telecom Board members to drop by the station and meet her. Henry told the Board about Flint who is improving the CAT website. Henry complimented the Government Channel and the Telecom for their good work. 
Hilton said no action could be taken on the complaint. Bemis referred to the formal complaint he had added to the packet which addresses administrative rules and their interpretations which he said he hopes the Board will reconsider as a full Board. He asked that it be covered at the next meeting when they have a new policy and know the RFP.
Shepherd brought up the consideration of the RFP and asked Gisler if he knew any time line. Gisler responded that he thought Shepherd and Smith, Director of Communications, were to be in touch about that. Hilton pointed out a letter from Smith about this that is in the packet on the website. Shepherd read parts of the letter. The letter stated that a Telecom Annual report and quarterly report are needed before an informed response about the RFP can be presented.
Hilton reminded Shepherd of the question which asked if the RFP process is on going and when will the Board see the RFP and be able to make recommendations on it. Hilton said the Board should read the old proposal (in packet on website) and think of ways it could be improved.
Shepherd again asked Gisler if he could predict any time line and Gisler reiterated that it is best that Shepherd communicate directly with Smith.
Hilton said he thinks the Analysis Plan could help with improving the RFP. Hilton stated that it could be helpful if a Board member or someone a Board member knows could help with the spread sheet.
Shepherd asked that members supply suggestions for the July meeting agenda.
Hilton said June 30th will be his last official day on the Telecom Board. He said he would be willing to help on any sub-committee. Shepherd complimented Hilton’s 15 years of attendance and service on the Board. Shepherd wished the same to Gisler.
July 15th, same time, same place.

Friday, June 18, 2010

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Agenda for 4 p.m. Thursday June 17, 2010, meeting of Telecom Board

5:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 17, 2010
City Administration Building, Room 219
113 West Mountain Street
 Call to Order and Roll Call 
(1) Approval of May 20, 2010, meeting minutes
(2) Adoption of June 17, 2010,  agenda
 Old Business
(3) University of  Arkansas Television Report 
     UATV quarterly report
     UATV contract issues 
(4) Cox Communication Report 
(5)AT&T progress discussion
(6) Government channel 16 Television Report.
(7) CAT 18 Television Report from Cable Access Television interim administrator: New playback system
Representative of CAT Board: Progress of selection of station manager. 
(8) Telecom Board policy subcommittee discussion and latest version of policy document from committee.
 Telecom Board recommendations to the City Council on the Government Channel Policy. At least three key points remain for full board discussion:
a. Restoration of local registered voters' right to request Government Channel public forums on subjects of concern to residents of the coverage area.
b. Level of priority for emergency requests for coverage of local-government meetings that, if not recorded by Government Channel, would result in a violation of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. 
c. Clarification of wording of policy document to guarantee that meetings be recorded from beginning to end and be aired in full with editing limited to addition of graphic elements standard for such telecasts.
(9) Report from the Internet committee on future meeting plan. 
(10) Report from committee on proposed brainstorming session. 
(11) Compliments
(12) Complaints
(13) Coverage-area residents' comments*
(14) Agenda for July 15, 2010, meeting
(15) Announcements from Board Members 
*   Residents of the coverage area of the PEG channels wishing to address matters on the agenda may make comments when the Board addresses the item, subject to time limitations the Board may establish.
 Residents wishing to address matters not on the agenda may make comments during resident comments, subject to such time limitations as the board may establish. The Board, however, shall not act on such matters. Latecomers may comment at this time on agenda items discussed before their arrival.

Minutes of May 20, 2010, Telecom Board

Telecommunication Board Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2010
Chairman Aubrey Shepherd called the meeting to order. Present were Marvin Hilton, Aubrey Shepherd, Justin Tennant and Brandon Leder. Not present were Russell, Bosseau and Cusanelli.
Also present were Fritz Gisler, the Government Channel Manager; Mark Warren, Interim Administrator at Community Access Television; and CAT Board member Roger Henry.
Tenant moved to approve the minutes from the April meeting and Hilton seconded. All approved the agenda.
Hilton added recommendation of the franchise fees (item#14) and consideration of two letters to newspapers concerning listing of the PEG channels. (attached to item #11) . He also added discussion whether or not the recommendation that subcommittees not be televised was a decision in accord with the current Government Channel policy.
Hilton moved and both Leder and Tenant seconded. All approved.
Hilton pointed out that this is the second year without a contract.  Shepherd said UATV is attempting to separate from PEG and get on a higher tier which would take a new contract.
Shepherd said he has been assured by the City Attorney that he is communicating with COX and the City effort is to maintain what they have and possibly improve. COX disagrees with what the law states. Shepherd was assured that the City is making efforts to negotiate.
Hilton said a formal Needs and Interest study is needed to back up negotiations and suggested the Board consider a letter requesting one.
Gisler clarified that the placement of the PEG channels on the lowest tier level is the legal situation being considered. The City is committed to keeping them there. He added that the Government Channel is repeated on a digital channel as a gratis.

Hilton said AT&T is still not available in his neighborhood.
Gisler talked of the catastrophic failure of an essential piece of the telecast system and the subsequent replacement which is underway. He stated that the new system will be more efficient, stable, & reliable. It will reduce staff time in preparing for telecast. Gisler said there was already money for this in the Capital Improvements in the budget. Tenant complimented the staff for the transition.
Mark Warren, Interim Administrator for community Access TV, invited the Board to the Fat Cat Awards Ceremony and explained what it is. It was discussed to make the tickets be tax deductible. Warren expressed satisfaction with the new telecast system.
Roger Henry, Cat Board member, pointed out the ULR address included in his letter to the Board and explained that all CAT Board communications were going to now be available to the public. He spoke of revisions of wording in the CAT bylaws which bring them up to what the contract dictates and which confirmed that the CAT Board wants to comply with FOIA laws.
Henry reported that 10 people have applied for the Executive Director position and interviews will be the second week of June. Gisler suggested interviews be held in the FPL Walker Community Room and Hilton added that the FPL Ann Henry Board Room would also work.
Henry reported that CAT Board membership is up to 8.
Henry asked for news of the status of the RFP. Hilton directed the question to Gisler who said he’s not been told but that the last one was late July. 
Hilton stated a desire for the Telecom Board to see it before it goes to City Council. Gisler told Hilton to let Lindsley Smith, Director of Communications, know.
Hilton moved to send a letter to Smith inquiring about when the Telecom Board would have the opportunity for their input on the RFP for Public Access. Leder seconded and all approved. Henry agreed that it was a good idea.
Henry pitched to the public that people apply for the Executive Director job and/or Board positions. He gave the web address. catfayetteville.org
The target number for Board members is 15-16 and registered voters from the four county area can apply.
Leder reported that the Courtyard Marriot has all three channels.
Hilton reported that three hotels didn’t have CAT and suggested encouraging hotels to remedy this because PEG channels are a sign of a progressive City. Shepherd agreed that it would be a good idea and that the information that the City has the three channels should be added to City promotional information.
Hilton reported that three apartment complexes have all three channels.
It was agreed that discussion about reception of the stations should be at the next meeting because of the current situation of installing new equipment. Hilton did report that Government Channel meetings from room 326 look better than from room 219 and that sometimes audio is low and that UATV audio varies a lot.
Tenant said he had no issues right now because he believes every effort is being made and there is no other reason than budget.
Hilton disagreed and stated that Government meetings requested are number one priority according to policy, over informational shows. He stressed following the policy to insure open, participatory government.
Shepherd added that he believes in the necessity to follow policy. He also said the public must be reminded of the importance that someone record meetings.
Tenant agreed about the need to let people know when, where meetings will be held and that hopefully more meetings can be recorded later when the economy improves.
Hilton said the new policy strengthens the requesting process and that the real problem is not money but apathy. He said the charge of the Telecom Board, through the Government Channel, is to help encourage a participatory government by putting some of the power in the hands of the customers. He mentioned that Informational shows use approximately fifty percent of the resources and is an adjustable item done at the discretion of City staff. He reiterated the importance of following policy.
Shepherd said the Government Channel has the capability to record meetings and there are many reasons to keep the ability for residents to be able to request. He said the policy was weakened two years ago and should not have been.
Hilton talked about that when he read the FOIA laws he found that if it meets the FOIA laws it fits the policy and it does not matter what the name of the meeting is, regarding subcommittee meetings.
Tenant asked if Hilton agreed that there is a difference between advisory and government meetings. He too would like to see all televised and restated the need to publish meetings which are to be held, make them accessible and have after the fact information made public. He said the question is the telecast question.
Hilton asked if the interpretation, that announced no subcommittee be televised on the Government Channel, was the reason he got no answer about dates for the Brainstorming Session. Gisler responded that he has not gotten a production plan and that he is involved in the installation of the new equipment and doesn’t know when it could be set.
Shepherd suggested that setting a July date might work and to start planning. Hilton agreed and asked for as soon as possible because of the time needed to get the people involved together.
Hilton asked the Board if they would make a formal request for a production date. Tenant asked if they could just follow the same procedure as they do when they request a meeting. Gisler answered that the preliminary production plan is more complex than that. Gisler said he needs a more complete production plan.
Hilton and Leder agreed to produce a production plan.
The idea of a live call in was discussed and Tenant said that that often was a “train wreck”.
Hilton stated that they should be fundamental as they make it participatory for citizens. Tenant added that multiple means of communication are needed.
Leder moved to table the item, setting the date for the Brainstorming Session, until next month. Tenant seconded. Shepherd, Leder, Tenant said aye.
Leder and Hilton set the date to establish the production plan - Monday, May 24 at 9:30 a.m., possibly in Room 111, City Administration. Hilton restated the topics as the CAT RFP and the Government Channel policy.
Shepherd reminded the Board that they had previously voted to forward it to City Council.
Hilton said he had made two minor changes. Section One, Items A, B, C. He said these changes clarify that requests be followed in order of the priorities set.
Shepherd and Hilton asked Gisler for his opinion of the changes as he had requested the revision.
Gisler stated that he had no issue with that verbiage but that the Director of Communication and the Chief of Staff would need to review it.
Hilton’s other change was to Section 12 and he added that the complaint process should be in writing. He added that the Government Channel Manager needs to respond in writing to Jim Bemis’s complaint concerning the cancellation of CAT Board coverage by the Government Channel. Hilton said Gisler should write why the meetings are not televised.
Gisler relayed that Chief of Staff, Don Marr, requested that this item about Government Channel Policy be tabled until next month.
Tenant moved to table. Hilton commented on the fact that this has been being worked on since 2008 and that the problem is with the Telecom Board’s not taking any action. He cautioned not to delay for ever. He spoke of two kinds of Government Channels. 1. No policy -  which is basically the informational arm of the City Administration. 2. Has a Telecom Board which stands between Administration and the citizens and gives a neutral platform to operators of the Government Channel. He called this one a stronger, more progressive policy which helps create an open, participatory government.
Tenant reiterated that it would only be for one month and Leder seconded the motion. All approved.
Tenant said the next meeting has not been set. He reported that the City has applied for Broadband funding and should know the results at the end of June. He will let the Board know when he hears. Blanche Lincoln wrote a letter on behalf of the City.
Hilton referred to the submitted packet item which suggested a 5% increase of the collected franchise fees going to the Television Center with 3% going to Government and 2% going to CAT for operational budgets. He suggested that Public Access get more because they have been at $93,000 for so long and they need to cover inflation.
Gisler pointed out a typo about those percentages. Hilton said he’d forgotten to include the corrected form but he intended 2% to Government and 3% to CAT. He also asked Gisler if July or August would be timely for inclusion in the City’s budget considerations. Gisler said yes.
Gisler explained that the operation budget for the Government Channels operates the entire TV Center: utilities, cameras, maintenance, everything. CAT pays only their salaries and office supplies. He asked the Board to keep that in mind when considering the funding split.
Hilton asked that Gisler give any suggestions for different figures. He also said that some cities give all of franchise fees to Public Access.
Gisler clarified that franchise fees go to the General Fund and operational budget is not tied to franchise fee or based on percentages.
Shepherd agreed that more funding is needed.
The compliment to staff of both stations was restated.
Shepherd said Bemis should be back
None present
Shepherd asked Board Members to e-mail him ideas.
Hilton brought up consideration of the letters to newspapers concerning the PEG Channels’ listings asking that they include the channel station names but not have to list specific show schedules.
Hilton moved to send the letters and Leder seconded. All approved.
Hilton announced that 2 Board members are needed and the deadline to apply is May 28 at 5p.m.
Leder requested an excused absence from the June meeting