Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today's schedule for Government Channel with times close to exact! New effort. Check it out.

Schedule : Saturday, May 3, 2008
Channel : 1 CITY 16

04:59:36 FGC Intro
05:00:00 Fire Training Video
05:58:29 Building Safety PSA
05:58:56 E-WASTE
06:00:02 Drug Court
07:01:05 Westside Waste Water Plant Tour
08:23:21 Sustanbilty Initiatives
08:32:55 Trinity Wind Power
08:50:18 FPL Drop Boxes
08:56:46 Book Bytes: Elle Ternes
09:00:30 Planning Commission 4/28 Part 1
10:48:17 Planning Commission 4/.28 Part 2
11:49:11 E-WASTE
11:51:17 Subdivision Committee 5/1
12:32:43 Recycling
12:38:56 Community Access Television Board 5/1
13:15:39 Trash Carts
13:17:27 Children's Library This Week
13:27:17 Fayetteville ës Unique Issue Forums
14:53:51 Energy Consumption in Multi-Family Housing
16:07:32 Ward 4Meeting 4/28
17:37:07 Free Bulky Waste Pick Up
17:38:59 Water + Sewer Committee Meeting 4-29
18:35:34 Subdivision Committee 5/1
18:53:32 Animal Services
19:09:05 West Side Waste Water Plant Tour
20:31:27 E-WASTE
20:33:33 Fayettevilleís Unique Issue Forums
21:59:13 Recycling Drop Off
22:00:30 Compost Facility
22:02:11 Trash Carts
22:04:05 Children's Library This Week
22:13:49 Energy Consumption In Multi-Family Housing
23:26:30 Trinity Wind Power
23:43:53 WWTP Update


Anonymous said...

You've made me a Government Channel junkie!
I used to keep 16 running on Saturday because it carried KUAF all day. Now I leave it on to see government meetings I missed during the week.
This morning I printed out the "timed" schedule and have it by the TV. It worked fine through the morning but I noticed it jumped off track sometime early afternoon. Then it picked the show that was supposed to run and was on schedule at 3 p.m. How long will it stay on schedule?

Why can't I just print things off your blog? I had to copy the words and paste them into a Word file and print that.

Anonymous said...

It cut off in the middle of the water, sewer meeting at about 5:45 p.m.
Supposed to have ended at 6:30 or after.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? After awhile, it restarted from the beginning and started showing water and sewer AGAIN from the beginning instead of the middle.