Thursday, October 2, 2008

Government-channel policy document revised by city attorney in preparation for presentation to the City Council on October 7, 2008

Please click on image to ENLARGE and read five pages of information, including the city attorney's revision of the partial policy document passed in June by the telecommunication board and to appear on the City Council agenda for October 7, 2008. Two members of that panel voted against the policy document at that time because the proposal had not been submitted to the telecom board's committee on policy and procedure before being brought to the board. Since the June meeting, the policy and procedure committee has met four or five times and created a draft document that has not been considered fully by the board. The board voted 3-3 during its August meeting on a motion that would have forwarded that document to the council.
The draft revision produced by the policy and procedure committee may be found at the following link:
Policy document prepared during a series of meetings in July, August and September 2008 by the Telecom Board's policy committee
or by copying and pasting the following link.

The city attorney's letter with revisions of the June document appear below. This version has not been submitted to the full Telecom Board or to the policy committee for review. Please click on images to ENLARGE for READING.

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