Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Agenda for November 19, 2009, meeting of Telecommunication Board in Fayetteville, Arkansas; October meeting minutes below

5:30 p.m.
Thursday, November 19, 2009
City Administration Building, Room 219
113 West Mountain Street

Call to Order and Roll Call
(1) Approval of October 15, 2009, meeting minutes
(2) Adoption of Agenda

Old Business
(3) University of Arkansas Television Report
UATV quarterly report
UATV contract issues
(4) Cox Communication Report with discussion of board recommendation on Cox franchise.
(5)AT&T progress discussion
(6) City 16 Television Report
(7) CAT 18 Television Report

New Business.
(8) Presentation of proposal to hold "study sessions" before next year's CAT contract discussion and similar major decisions begin. Other issues, of course, could be treated in this manner. So discussion likely would relate to the authorization of study sessions by the board.
(9)Discussion of revision of telecom board administrative rules
(10)Discussion of content of 2009 year-end report to city council. Creation of list of points to be included.
(11) Compliments
(12) Complaints
(13) Coverage-area residents' comments*
(14) Agenda for December 17, 2009 meeting
(15) Announcements from Board Members

* Residents of the coverage area of the PEG channels wishing to address matters on the agenda may make comments when the Board addresses the item, subject to time limitations the Board may establish.

Residents wishing to address matters not on the agenda may make comments during resident comments (14), subject to such time limitations as the board may establish. The Board, however, shall not act on such matters.

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