Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jim Bemis asks City Council to fully consider the radical reversal of policy that places control of Government Channel programming at the discretion of the city staff

Fayetteville City Council Members:
The Council's  agenda for October 19 includes consideration of a completely revised Government Channel "Operational Policy" recently written by City staff, which basically disregards the previous roles of the Telecommunications Board and City Ordinance 4504 and early Board policies.  
I urge that the Council fully consider the radical reversal of policy  that places control of  Government Channel programming at the discretion of  City staff.  In my view, the City's policy contradicts the spirit and intent of Fayetteville's unique Telecommunications Ordinance, providing little or no provision for citizen input  or regard for citizen-requested forums that have served the community well for decades.  
Fayetteville's rapidly expanding telecommunications scene merits a comprehensive study by a Council Ad Hoc Telecommunications Subcommittee, as led by then aldermen Marr and Jordan in 2003. Such a diverse group would complement current Fayetteville Forward inititiatives and the City's Master Plan for 2025. Such a study could provide a longer-term plan for Fayetteville's telecommunications infrastructure, along with an appropriate related  budget and City organizational structure.
Thank you for your consideration,
 Jim Bemis
CAT Producer, Community Member of CAT Board Policy Committee

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