Thursday, July 17, 2008

My vote against the first of the proposed pair of suggestions at last month's meeting and my unannounced abstention from voting on the second were the result of a something that might be described as an epiphany that something was seriously wrong about the motion coming without due consideration. We didn't adequately discuss the questions and the problem became clear a few minutes later when it was made clear that Mrs. Bell had done that volunteer effort in going to meet with representatives of the city administration but was not even a member of the policy and procedure committee, the proper group to consider such questions.
It was proper to follow that realization with the two subcommittee meetings that have been held and all members of the board were invited to attend and participate.
I believe that the only way to meet the twice-confirmed will of the City Council that we consider all policies and present our recommendations to the council in August is to spend enough time going over the specifics of the subcommittee's draft during the full meeting tonight to ensure that we can agree to all the parts NOW.
If a special meeting is needed before the final draft goes to the council, then we must do it. We have clarified the language that City Attorney Kit Williams cited in email a couple of weeks ago and read aloud at the council meeting on Tuesday and made other small but significant changes in the policy.
The council has enough homework to do each week to boggle anyone's mind and we have an obligation to provide as clear and simple document as possible. And the council will have access to replays or DVDs of the meetings in which these issues have been discussed and can review it as much as they choose to internalize the process. Obviously, we want everyone interested to have a chance to follow this process and understand the principles behind the subcommittee's recommendations.

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