Monday, December 13, 2010

Fayetteville's public-school system now has 24/7 programming on Education Channnel

The school system's chief information officer reports to the Telecom Board:
Hi Aubrey-Superintendent Thomas asked that I communicate with you on your request for a report regarding the district's use of the Educational channel, specifically since we now have our own channel 24/7 on Cox 217. I know you would have liked a representative but as you know, that is the same night as our school board meeting and I am on that agenda so there is a conflict. I will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have via email or phone call.

We run the same programming on Cox 217, ATT Uverse 99, and streaming from our website.

Our plans for the use of the Cox channel have not changed. Basically, we run all of the school board meetings, all of the student productions from our high school TV class, and other events that we are able to capture. We will just have that much more time (including now prime time) to fill!

We post a daily program line-up on our home page at by clicking on the button "FPS TV Schedule" in the Event Calendar box

Here is an example of the programs running today:

6:00 AM - Regular Board Meeting November 18, 2010

7:13 AM - Moment of Silence Concert

7:30 AM - Bulldog Football vs North Little Rock November 12, 2010

10:30 AM - 2010 FHS Film Festival

12:30 PM - The Bulldog Show December 8, 2010

1:00 PM - That Choir Thing this Weekend 2010

2:50 PM - Leap Ahead Summer Program 2010

3:00 PM - Bulldog Volleyball vs Southside September 21, 2010

4:50 PM - Vandergriff Blue Ribbon School Award

5:00 PM - A Midsummer Night Dream

6:50 PM - Hall of Honor 2010 Inductee Peter Jenkins

7:00 PM - Before Little Rock

8:30 PM - Holt Middle School Presents: High School Musical

9:50 PM - Hall of Honor 2010 Inductee Judy Schwab

10:00 PM - FHS Mock Trials The State v John Wilkes Booth

11:20 PM - Hall of Honor 2009 Inductee Frank Sharp

11:30 PM - Holt Middle School Presents Mulan

We currently run our carousel of announcements and facts about the schools between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. and will look at extending more video into those hours as we acquire it. We have video production services here that we use to develop programming about best practices in the schools. One example of that is being shown at 2:50 today, "Leap Ahead Summer Program," but there are many other examples also on our web site here:

We appreciate the city helping to negotiate the new terms to allow us to have the Cox station 24/7!

Let me know if you need anything else.

Susan Norton

Chief Information Officer

Fayetteville Public Schools


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