Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fayetteville Public Schools' report for July 2011 meeting of the Telecom Board: Thanks to Susan Norton

Report to Telecommunications Board 
July 21, 2011 

Information on TV & Multimedia Services 

Fayetteville Public Schools’ TV & Multimedia Services department produces a broad range of media including: community interest stories, coverage of school events, student performances, athletics, professional development for teachers, and school board meetings. FPS has a state-of-the-art television studio used both by students in broadcast classes and by professional staff. is the official broadcast station for the Fayetteville Public Schools., is made possible by an agreement with the City of Fayetteville under its franchise agreements which provide for the cable companies to host an Education Channel as well as a Government and Public Access Channel. is broadcast on Cox Channel 217 and Uverse 99.  The district also serves up this programming via web stream on its home page: 

The symbol [Picture]on the far bottom right of the home page will activate the stream.   

Information on TV Programming Guidelines 
Per specifications for broadcast content on the Fayetteville COX and AT&T U-Verse PEG channel use agreement with the city, the Fayetteville Public School District utilizes our educational channels to publish locally-produced content relating to the district, its student population and their parents. We broadcast athletic events and competitions, academic events and competitions, district and citywide social events, school specific events including theatrical, musical and academic events. We emphasize activities and events designed to engender familial and community interest and participation in the education of our youth. Additionally, we broadcast the monthly school board meetings to update community awareness of the decisions and directions of the district’s governing body.  

We maintain an interstitial bulletin board and RSS feed from the district’s community web-blog to announce upcoming events, commendations awarded and other items of general interest to our community. 

Also included in our daily offering are early programs, now in the public domain, for their historic content. These programs range from early motion pictures by Charlie Chaplin, screen plays produced from literary classics like Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Ernest Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms, Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book to name a few. We’ve also included a few cartoons like early Popeye and Betty Boop for their cinematic historical value. All selections are age appropriate and can be related to studies of World and American History, cinema and Americana. 

Today's Schedule (July 20, 2011) 
11:40 AM - Sight 
11:55 AM - Take Me Home 

We invite the Telecommunications Board to offer feedback and guidance! 
Next month, I will show you the new web pages we are launching to better showcase the work of the students and staff.  For now, thanks! 

Susan Norton 
Chief Information Officer 
Fayetteville Public Schools 

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