Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Draft minutes of June 17, 2010, meeting of the Fayetteville Telecommunication Board

Telecommunication Board Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2010
Chairman Aubrey Shepherd called the meeting to order. Present were Marvin Hilton, Aubrey Shepherd, and Justin Tennant. Not present were Russell, Bosseau, Leder and Cusanelli. There was no quorum.
Also present were Fritz Gisler, the Government Channel Manager; CAT Board member Roger Henry and citizen, Jim Bemis.
Hilton requested improvement.
Government Channel Manager, Fritz Gisler reported on his satisfaction with the new Telecast  system. Shepherd expressed his satisfaction and brought up that the Government Channel is now streaming on www.accessfayettville .org
Gisler reported that new video editing equipment for the entire center has been received.
CAT Board member, Roger Henry, reported that the Board elected a new Executive Director, Anne Shelley, and that she will be coming on full time the first or second week of July. Henry also reported that the CAT operations are running under budget at the time because of paying less in salaries.
Shepherd asked if it should or should not be discussed with out a quorum. Hilton mentioned the three points of discussion listed in the agenda. Shepherd read the first one and talked about it having been a concern for 2 years and that a petition about it had circulated and been turned in to the Telecom Board where it was still taken out of the policy. He further stated that it went on to City Council as if supported by the Board and approved there. Shepherd said it needs to be discussed.
Shepherd read the second concern and he and Hilton expressed their opinions that meeting coverage needs to be clearly established to help eliminate non-coverage because of excuses given by participants of such meetings.
Shepherd read the third concern and stressed the importance of not editing anything out of meetings.
Hilton asked if Shepherd thought these three concerns are accurately worded in the policy as now written. Shepherd said probably.
Tennant said his goal is to have a meeting in August. He is still waiting for results from the Broad Band Stimulus grant application. He said he will request the meeting be recorded and he will request a report from the City on the amount of dollars and then discuss ways to go forth with recommendations on spending that money.-
Hilton reported that the name has been changed to Analysis of Access Telecasting and that he believes there will need to be more than one session He mentioned the included plans and spoke of a process to acquaint the public with the process of production which will reveal new ways to do things with more efficiency, more effectiveness, more participation and more transparency. Hilton stated it would be very worthwhile.
Shepherd complimented the stations for being more reliable.
Tennant complimented Community Access Television for getting a new executive director so quickly and sent out an invitation for her to come to the next meeting.
Roger Henry invited the Telecom Board members to drop by the station and meet her. Henry told the Board about Flint who is improving the CAT website. Henry complimented the Government Channel and the Telecom for their good work. 
Hilton said no action could be taken on the complaint. Bemis referred to the formal complaint he had added to the packet which addresses administrative rules and their interpretations which he said he hopes the Board will reconsider as a full Board. He asked that it be covered at the next meeting when they have a new policy and know the RFP.
Shepherd brought up the consideration of the RFP and asked Gisler if he knew any time line. Gisler responded that he thought Shepherd and Smith, Director of Communications, were to be in touch about that. Hilton pointed out a letter from Smith about this that is in the packet on the website. Shepherd read parts of the letter. The letter stated that a Telecom Annual report and quarterly report are needed before an informed response about the RFP can be presented.
Hilton reminded Shepherd of the question which asked if the RFP process is on going and when will the Board see the RFP and be able to make recommendations on it. Hilton said the Board should read the old proposal (in packet on website) and think of ways it could be improved.
Shepherd again asked Gisler if he could predict any time line and Gisler reiterated that it is best that Shepherd communicate directly with Smith.
Hilton said he thinks the Analysis Plan could help with improving the RFP. Hilton stated that it could be helpful if a Board member or someone a Board member knows could help with the spread sheet.
Shepherd asked that members supply suggestions for the July meeting agenda.
Hilton said June 30th will be his last official day on the Telecom Board. He said he would be willing to help on any sub-committee. Shepherd complimented Hilton’s 15 years of attendance and service on the Board. Shepherd wished the same to Gisler.
July 15th, same time, same place.

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