Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Agenda for 4 p.m. Thursday June 17, 2010, meeting of Telecom Board

5:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 17, 2010
City Administration Building, Room 219
113 West Mountain Street
 Call to Order and Roll Call 
(1) Approval of May 20, 2010, meeting minutes
(2) Adoption of June 17, 2010,  agenda
 Old Business
(3) University of  Arkansas Television Report 
     UATV quarterly report
     UATV contract issues 
(4) Cox Communication Report 
(5)AT&T progress discussion
(6) Government channel 16 Television Report.
(7) CAT 18 Television Report from Cable Access Television interim administrator: New playback system
Representative of CAT Board: Progress of selection of station manager. 
(8) Telecom Board policy subcommittee discussion and latest version of policy document from committee.
 Telecom Board recommendations to the City Council on the Government Channel Policy. At least three key points remain for full board discussion:
a. Restoration of local registered voters' right to request Government Channel public forums on subjects of concern to residents of the coverage area.
b. Level of priority for emergency requests for coverage of local-government meetings that, if not recorded by Government Channel, would result in a violation of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. 
c. Clarification of wording of policy document to guarantee that meetings be recorded from beginning to end and be aired in full with editing limited to addition of graphic elements standard for such telecasts.
(9) Report from the Internet committee on future meeting plan. 
(10) Report from committee on proposed brainstorming session. 
(11) Compliments
(12) Complaints
(13) Coverage-area residents' comments*
(14) Agenda for July 15, 2010, meeting
(15) Announcements from Board Members 
*   Residents of the coverage area of the PEG channels wishing to address matters on the agenda may make comments when the Board addresses the item, subject to time limitations the Board may establish.
 Residents wishing to address matters not on the agenda may make comments during resident comments, subject to such time limitations as the board may establish. The Board, however, shall not act on such matters. Latecomers may comment at this time on agenda items discussed before their arrival.

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